We repair all models of Apple products, not just desktops and laptops. We are able to repair the MacBook, eMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, Power Mac, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPod, iPad, G3, G4, G5. Time Capsule, Airport, Airport Extreme. We deliver a speedy professional Apple Mac service at the most reasonable cost. We also offer a one on one training course on how to repair Apple devices for technicians.

Apple & Mac Support

We offer a one-time business and residential support service, as well as a continued support maintenance package. We aim to have an engineer with you same day or within 48 hours max. If you are in need of support please locate your nearest area in our site map below and make contact via email or the telephone number provided.


Business Support

We can offer a wide range of business packages from installations to on site maintenance. Our engineers specialise in OSX xServe, Mac mini servers, Microsoft exchange, as well as Microsoft PC integration. If business and office support is what you after, please contact us on.


Qualified Apple Technicians

We have 3 highly experienced technicians with each having 7-15 years experience as technicians. We have assigned each to the office in Durban, Johhanesburg and Cape Town.

Our Clients

- Device end users
- Government municipalities
- Insurance companies
- Retail stores
- Call centres
- Educational Institutions


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Our Services

iMac & all Computer Repairs

* Internet Connection Problems
* Virus or spyware removal
* Fan making loud unusual noise
* Computer will not start (Power Supply dead)
* Motherboard replacement and repairs (Any PC computer)
* Computer won't boot to Windows desktop


MacBook & all Laptop Repairs

* Power Jack repair or replacement (can be done same day)
* Motherboard repairs Component level on any laptop
* AC adapter (charger) Laptop not charging or won't start
* Memory & hard drive upgrade, wireless & CPU (same day)
* Viruses & operating system problems (Windows 7 available)
* Laptop fan & keyboard repair or replacement


Data Recovery

*Diagnostics test will be run to check if hard drive is in good/bad condition
*Bad sectors in your hard drive?
*Backup data on a failed hard drive
*Backup to external hard drive or DVD
* Hard Drive replacement


Screen Repair

*Laptops, Phones, Mac Book
*LCD Replacement
* Digitizer replacement
Iphone & all phone Repairs
* Iphone front glass & battery replacement
* Iphone LCD screen Display replacement
* Iphone Sound & Speaker repair
* Iphone Power button repair
* Iphone Home button repair
* Iphone water damage repair


Apple Repair

*Mac book hard drive replacement
*Water Damage on your computer?
*Repair Cracked Screen, LCD replacement
*Keyboard Replacement
*Motherboard repairs on any Apple product
*Computer not charging, Power Jack replacement



Terms and Conditions

1.  By booking or dropping off your device electronically or in any of our offices, you accept the Terms & Conditions.
2.  Devices are booked in at the client's risk. Pc Tablets is not liable for any data loss or damage sustained during hardware or software repairs. Your device may be restored or formatted to complete repair. Please back up your data beforehand.
3.  Replaced parts have a lifetime warranty, excluding any damage caused by negligence (e.g. dropped), water damage, services, any battery replacements or mac repairs. Warranty is not transferrable to new owners.
4.  Quotes (excluding Macs) are valid for 7 days and subject to a R120.00 consultation fee if not accepted. Repairs quoted under R500.00 will continue without client confirmation, unless otherwise specified.
5.  Water Damage on Devices will be subject to a R199 diagnostic fee, irrelevant of ability to fix or not. This fee is waived if repair is successful.
6.  On water damaged devices only parts replaced as per invoice are guaranteed for 3 months.
7.  Mac Repairs / Quotes / Assessments are subject to a Consultation fee charged at the hourly rate of R450/hr.
8.  Only legal Software will be installed or supported. 3rd Party software installation must be accompanied by valid registration keys.
9.  Apple repair parts are subject to a non-refundable 50% deposit when ordering.
10. You may receive quotes, invoices and infrequent notifications of new products and services via email.
11. If Pc Tablets opens your device you will lose the remainder of your Brand Holder guarantee. You will however receive the relevant Pc Tablets warranty in it's place.
12. Devices not collected within 31 days of notification may be sold to defray repair costs without you being notified.
13. All logic board repairs repair an upfront payment before we proceed with repair. If repair is not successful a 100% refund is paid back to client within 3 days. These usually take anything from 3 to 21 working days is the period required. The client cannot cancel the repair at anytime within the 21 days period. They will also be no refunds made to boards fixed within this period.
14. By receiving an invoice or quotation please be aware it is well possible to find other parts or components that need fixing or replacing which may increase the original amount quoted or invoiced, this is due to the fact that other parts or components can only be diagnosed after the working of other parts or components. So they is no final invoice or quote.